Open House


27.9.2023 | 15–18 Uhr | Kita in der Wachsfabrik

WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW EMPLOYEES! On this day, we will open our daycare centre in the Wachsfabrik in Cologne Rodenkirchen/Sürth to anyone interested in a career. You will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of MyDagis and learn more about our educational concept.

Pedagogical professionals Native/English Speaker*innen Pedagogical leaders integration assistants

We give guided tours of the centre, where you can get lots of information about our main topics. You can expect great activities, lectures and workshops where you can get a taste of all areas. You will get an insight into our premises and our nature-oriented outdoor area. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU!


⁕ Gender-sensitive pedagogy

⁕ Nature and forest education

⁕ Nursery field / vegetable gardening

⁕ Animal-assisted pedagogy

  ⁕ Day-care dogs

   ⁕ Kita-Chicken

⁕ Cirkus-Workshop

⁕ Tours / guided tours of the day care centre 

 (Indoor and outdoor)

Location: MyDagis – Kita in der Wachsfabrik, Industriestr. 170, 50999 Köln
Kontakt: Martina Rempel, Telefon: 0151 62618181, E-Mail:

Skandinavische bilinguale Kita